Digital Stainless Steel Weighing Indicator

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The Weasion® Digital Stainless Steel Weighing Indicator is an instrument that displays the mass and weighing status of the object to be weighed in an electronic weighing instrument. The weighing indicator was originally an analog indicator composed of an error amplifier, a reversible motor, a balance bridge, an excitation power supply, a dial, and a pointer, and it worked according to the principle of an automatic balance electronic potentiometer. Its slow weighing speed, single function, and low accuracy have been basically eliminated. The current weighing indicator is a digital display type.

The performance of a digital stainless steel weighing indicator includes measurement performance, function, environmental adaptability, safety, and reliability.Compared with the universal digital instrument, the digital display instrument has five characteristics: 

(1) with sensor excitation power supply, easy to use;

(2) the use of ratio type A/D conversion and frequency doubling technology, the long-term stability of measurement performance is good;

(3) The software can truly simulate the weighing characteristics such as vibration, air balance fluctuation, material drop and so on, showing fast, accurate and stable;

(4) The setting unit of parameters such as zero setting, zero tracking, calibration, maximum scale and indexing position in the machine is convenient to change and has strong versatility;

(5) With the output interface, you can connect a variety of external equipment for convenient system control.

Ningbo Weasion Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. We were originally a company specializing in the production of sheet metal welding, specializing in the production of stainless steel and carbon steel brackets such as floor scales, truck scales, and platform scales. After several years of rapid development, the company continued to expand its business and introduced multiple production lines for weighing accessories. At present, we have the ability to independently produce load cells, weighing indicators, various weighing scales, and various weighing apparatus.

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