What material is the most durable Camping Table

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Outdoor camping is a popular way of vacation at present. Camping has experienced unprecedented development from a simple backpack at the beginning to a home experience at present. Now camping is a very delicate thing.

A picnic mat is all you need. Now many people are moving all kinds of furniture outside, even the kitchen, so today we're going to focus on outdoor tables. Camping Table is convenient and doesn't take up any space. It is also practical to put in a car. With all the different types of tables on the market, what material is the most durable?

1 Solid wood folded Camping Table: for other materials, it is more environmentally friendly and durable. Solid wood also has a beautiful texture and atmosphere. Most of them are maple, teak, cherry, with a clear grain for the home, but they're expensive.

2 imitation wood folding Camping Table: and the real camping table is not similar, the texture texture color performance is better, imitation wood is made of wood-based board, solid wood mix, Zhaopin is not so good, life is not long.

3 Aluminum alloy folding Camping Table: aluminum alloy folding Camping Table is made of aluminum alloy. The overall camping table is more portable than solid wood material.

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