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Wood Flooring has become the trend of home improvement choice


With the further development and maturity of Flooring manufacturing technology, the Wood Flooring consumption trend will be reflected from several aspects. Consumers can boldly choose Wood Flooring according to their own personality and preferences, which is different from the original Wood Flooring which only has several colors and there is no significant difference in workmanship. It's basically a mass-market product that doesn't have a lot of novelty. Currently, Wood Flooring has been highly recognized by consumers. Both Wood Flooring material and color can be randomly matched, and you can accurately find your desired Wood Flooring with great selectivity.

Environmental protection is never ending fashion

Due to the natural characteristics of Wood itself, Wood Flooring can be said to contain "basically" no harmful substances. The only problem is the paint on the surface. Wood Flooring uses PU and UV paint, but the paint will evaporate naturally in about 10 days, so it will not cause much damage. As an alternative to traditional paint, the natural Wood wax oil used in the Wood Flooring at the beginning of the Wood Flooring has been applied to the wood flooring. On the other hand, due to the scarcity of Wood raw materials and the worship of nature, consumers will gradually relax their requirements for some Flooring with natural defects such as scar, two-color material, insect eyes, etc. Instead, some Wood Flooring with natural defects will be favored due to these natural properties.

Light Wood Flooring has overtaken dark Wood Flooring as the mainstream

Whether it is modern simplicity or rural nature, the possibility of light-colored Wood Flooring has become more abundant and casual in today's home decoration. Light color gives a person a bright, warm, peaceful feeling, it represents a kind of no distance transparent open-minded, easy to break the dreary atmosphere of the home, give a person a kind of harmonious beauty. Light Wood Flooring is considered to be a healthier color, the grain of light Wood Flooring is clearly visible, so the quality of light Wood Flooring is difficult to adulterate. With the further deepening of the public understanding of residential culture, light colors will more reflect the original ideal of urban people to pursue quality of life and return to nature. In Europe, light Wood Flooring, represented by oak, has always been associated with fashion.


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