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Wire Harness processing manufacturers how to monitor Wire Harness quality


No matter what kind of products are produced, the control of product quality is a problem that will be involved in the Wire Harness processing plant, so Harness processing plant 

how to carry out product quality control?

1. First of all, it is necessary to process the relevant vocational training of the staff. It is best to arrange the corresponding technical personnel in each workshop for on-site guidance and problem solving, and also do a good job of employee reward and punishment measures.

2. Can add a quality department, need to daily Harness the Wire processing of each link to supervise, and take the corresponding photos, and then a week as a unit for rewards and punishments.

3. Update the existing production technology at any time, constantly measure the working hours and procedures of wire processing, and constantly improve and correct the existing technology.

4. The production department should timely develop the Wire Harness production plan, and inform the technology and quality department to monitor the new products.

Do a good job of the above systems for Wire Harness processing quality control should be effective, I hope the above suggestions can help you!


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