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Vertical Slurry Pump


The Vertical Slurry Pump is a slurry clearing equipment which directly pumps the sludge from the bottom of the pool with a single suction centrifugal pump. It is mainly used for dredging pond, dredging and transporting soil, and can also be used for the removal of slurry feed and manure. It has the characteristics of convenient transport, installation and blockage prevention.


The Vertical Slurry Pump, which can be both mobile and fixed, is used for sewage drainage pump, slurry pump and irrigation of construction, farmland, enterprises and institutions. It also applies to the slurry pump, slurry pump and so on. Use: enterprise unit waste water discharge.


The Vertical Slurry Pump works with motor and water pump coaxial. The slurry parts of this pump are made of high alloy wear-resistant material with good wear resistance and large slurry channel. This series of products absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology design and manufacturing, unique sealing device can effectively balance the oil chamber pressure, maximize the protection of mechanical seal reliability.


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