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The reason and solution of disc brake pad wear fast


Disc brake pad is an indispensable part of the vehicle brake system, it produces friction with the brake disc to brake the vehicle. However, some car owners will find that their disc brake pads seem to wear out relatively quickly and need to be replaced in less than six months. So why is this? What are the solutions?

Reasons for fast wear:

1. Excessive braking: Frequent use of brakes during high-speed driving or emergency braking may lead to excessive wear and tear of disc brake pads.

2. Improper operation: If improper operation, such as excessive braking, emergency brake use, etc., may lead to disc brake pad wear.

3. Rainy day driving: when driving in rainy days, water will make disc brake pad surface and brake disc produce water film, affecting the braking effect, the owner needs to use the brake more, accelerate disc brake pad wear.

4. Low quality brake pads: There are some low quality disc brake pads on the market, which may be due to bad materials or substandard manufacturing process, etc., resulting in them being more prone to wear.

The solution to wear fast:

1. Driving skills: Owners need to pay attention to safe driving, reduce frequent emergency braking, while avoiding excessive braking, as far as possible to reduce disc brake pad wear.

2. Choose good disc brake pads: Choose disc brake pads with good quality and excellent manufacturing technology, which can extend its service life.

3. Rainy driving notes: in rainy driving, the owner needs to slow down in advance and use low gear, try to avoid sudden braking, reduce disc brake pad wear.

4. Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of disc brake pads, including cleaning, inspection and adjustment, can slow down the wear and tear of disc brake pads and extend their service life.

5. Correct replacement: When replacing disc brake pads, the owner needs to choose the appropriate specification of brake pads, install them correctly, and operate them in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements to ensure their normal work and service life.

In short, disc brake pad wear is a common problem, owners need to pay attention to some use and maintenance methods, in order to extend its service life.


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