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Industrial Water Chiller comprehensive selection methods and skills


With the development of industrial manufacturing and manufacturing, the demand for refrigeration continues to increase, which promotes the continuous expansion of the Water Chiller market. Therefore, the corresponding enterprises or companies need to consider all aspects of the effect of Water Chiller comprehensively when choosing Water Chiller according to their own needs, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of refrigeration.

1. Comprehensive perspective

First of all, the choice of good reputation, qualified product quality of high-quality businesses, can effectively improve the quality and use efficiency of Water Chiller, and the need to clarify the Water Chiller parameters, according to their own intelligent needs, select the cooling effect of good Water Chiller. Comprehensive consideration of the industry reputation of Water Chiller manufacturers, combined with their own needs to consider the cost performance, but also pay attention to the after-sales service, as an important factor in the purchase of Water Chiller.

2. Selection basis - cooling capacity

Water Chiller cooling capacity has a direct impact on the normal operation of production equipment, small cooling capacity can not reflect the ideal cooling effect, but will reduce the productivity loss of operation, resulting in shutdown. The selection is too large, the waste cost becomes larger, the larger the cooling capacity, the higher the price, therefore, scientific and reasonable selection of cooling capacity is very key to the Water Chiller selection.

3. Optimize the Water Chiller selection scheme

It is necessary to pay attention to the relationship between temperature difference and flow, the cooling temperature of different plastic products is different, and the temperature difference of water in 3 to 5 degrees is the best, for the temperature difference, the smaller the temperature difference of sea salt, the more ice water flow away the same heat, on the contrary, the smaller the ice water flow. Ensure the minimum energy consumption scheme, comprehensive balance of electricity, heat and cold, especially the use of waste gas and waste heat.

Reasonable control of Water Chiller noise pollution, scientific treatment of refrigerant toxic substances, constantly improve the quality of environmental protection. Improve the water quality of cooling water, avoid fouling clogging the pipeline, thus reducing the cooling capacity, or lead to the heat exchange tube damage. For all kinds of inflammable and explosive substances under harsh environment, it is necessary to make explosion-proof treatment according to the working environment of Water Chiller, and select the most appropriate Water Chiller group scheme.

According to the specific refrigeration requirements of Water Chiller, choose the Water Chiller suitable for its own refrigeration, comprehensive consideration of environmental factors, human operating factors, building factors, as well as technical normative requirements, can effectively improve the scientific and reasonable choice of Water Chiller.


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